Sediment Free System

Our Sediment Free System features a cutter head that is designed for minimum disturbance of the water column and keeps total suspended solids to a minimum resulting in a minimum risk to fish and other marine life and lower TSS discharge.  It also features a 6-inch pump capable of pumping sediment through a pipeline up to 1,500 feet at a rate of up to 1,800 GPM. With the aid of a small booster pump we can increase the pumping distance to well over a mile.  Our system utilizes a compact lightweight hydraulic dredge that is 18 feet long and weighs only 3,000 pounds. This allows us to perform in places that are inaccessible to conventional dredging equipment as well as keep our mobilization costs low.  
We can perform a multitude of tasks that excavators and ordinary hydraulic dredges simply cannot access. When sediment removal is complete there is virtually no need for site restoration. The lightweight equipment does not disturb the ground or tear up sod. Even a golf course can stay fully functioning during the dredge operation.
In the past, the drawback to sediment removal in ponds and lagoons has been controlling the excess water without making a huge mess. We utilize a combination of geotechnical tubes and coagulating polymers to allow water to filter out at the disposal point crystal clear. After the geotechnical tube has been allowed to sufficiently dewater the bag can be cut open and the material removed by conventional means of excavation or spread on site.


  • Allows you to continue your daily operations with minimal interruption.
  • Lower mobilization costs.
  • Availability to areas with limited access.
  • No need for mechanical dewatering.
  • Safe for rubber pond liners.
  • Clean water returns to waterway.
  • Minimal site impact.
  • Quick site turn around.
  • Use of EnvirotubesTM greatly reduces haul off costs.
  • Approved by the Wisconsin DNR.